Montrose "Waterview" facade

Montrose "Waterview" facade

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Kiss my grass!

December 9th, grass laid front and back, just got to put a bit more soil and sand between the turf sections.

Then it's back to regular mowing, after the next few weeks of multiple waterings.

Well, at least no more dirt getting blown around :)

And the neighbour in back has FINALLY agreed to pay the share for the fence! Major achievement!!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Really dirrrrty!!!

Saturday, December 3, just finished weeding all that lovely native growth front and back.

Much spreading (oh my aching back) of the 10 cubic metres of topsoil and now all ready for rotary hoe man to come and mix with the clay underneath.

Soon as that happens, grass is getting laid - woohoo, no more exposed dirt!! Then I can finish the fencing - YaaaayyyyYY!!!

After that, it;s down to working out what plants, trees, shrubs, flowers to get and where to put them :) :)

Front yard after soil spreading...

Back yard after soil spreading...

A word of caution to everybody building in a new estate, if you're having fencing issues with a neighbour, just google and check it they're selling - that could be the reason why they stall!