Montrose "Waterview" facade

Montrose "Waterview" facade

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Kiss my grass!

December 9th, grass laid front and back, just got to put a bit more soil and sand between the turf sections.

Then it's back to regular mowing, after the next few weeks of multiple waterings.

Well, at least no more dirt getting blown around :)

And the neighbour in back has FINALLY agreed to pay the share for the fence! Major achievement!!


  1. Excellent job! Lots of water is what is required now at least for three weeks :)

  2. Thanks Yam, yeah lots of water and have to break up the hardened cement-like crust each time after it dries.

    Sandy loam seemed like a good idea at the time but need to minimise the amount - I put down 1.5 cubic metres over 115 square metres and that was a bit too much. Next time, just sand!!

    Now I have to beat the crusty loam with a heavy rake to break it up and let the grass have some chance to break thru.

    No worries, it keeps the water in and will be good in about 2 weeks time :)

  3. It looks lovely and lush.

    How's your house living?? I hope you enjoy every single day in it :)

  4. Thanks Reinsey, I wanted to keep the phhotos looking good so didn't post up the after top-dressing shots :) - but we're enjoying it for the most part ;) and relishing a few oohs and aahs, especially with the starry ceiling :)

    Looks like you guys are also enjoying yours. Very impressive landscaping in the front. That garden of yours is looking bloody marvelous!

    We're just going slow and there's always something else to do or buy or adjust or clean but hoping that eases off soon.

    Next major purchase (hopefully last) will be the lawnmower and some shrubs/trees and that will be it.