Montrose "Waterview" facade

Montrose "Waterview" facade

Monday, 27 June 2011

Totally PCI'ed!

June 27th, we've had the PCI, whole bunch of people in there at once.

We got there about 10 minutes early and already the supervisor was there (keep on being impressed with Jarrod) and also Rob from New Home Inspections so we just got straight into it.

While we were inspecting the garage, the concreter turns up to quote for the driveway etc. - just luck that he decided to turn up today, so all good, had a chance to work out some extras here and there and add in the concreting behind the garage where the swamp seems to be taking shape :).

Well, the upshot is that we didn't find anything particularly nasty thru-out, Rob from NHI found a few items (again, nothing particularly serious) and it looks like we should have keys handed over in the next 2-3 weeks - wooohoooo!!

So major thanks to our great SSuper, Jarrod, he's been very helpful and approachable.

View to the front door:

Looking from the front door down the hall:

View to the laundry:

The laundry:

The bathroom:

Lots of the kitchen, guild grey splashback on top of night sky caesarstone:

Main bedroom and ensuite:

So now it's mainly just paint touchups etc along with those inspection items, but all good - wow, 4 months from official start date, not bad!


  1. Congrats on having no issue PCI Alex...Your house looks stunning..!!You must be very excited now with the move to a such a lovely house..!

  2. B ooooooo tee fulllll
    You must be so happy??
    Congrats on a great PCI guys.

  3. Thanks Romani and Reinsey, here's hoping you both have even fewer correction items when your turn comes around shortly.

    We're very happy, but also in that "oh bugger, now we have to...." state :), got lotsa small stuff to organise now and hoping we can get the driveway and rear concrete down to give us some clean access.

    Can't wait to start on the major small bits now, all the small deco stuf I'll leave to the stylist ;)

  4. Congrats AlexandH...your house looks BEAUTIFUL. Nice to hear that there were just minor issues raised at inspection....and again impressed with the quick build time.....

  5. This is beautiful. Yeah it is always nice to hear you didn't find any major problems. Cool.

  6. Thanks folks, guess we'll see how the final handover goes, but expecting all to be good :)

    It's all the after-handover items I'm more concerned about ;)