Montrose "Waterview" facade

Montrose "Waterview" facade

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Wrapping it up!

July 9th, it's pretty much all done, still have the kitchen appliances to be installed but other than that we're up to handing over the final cheque and getting the keys in exchange this coming week.

They've come thru and had another big clean, so looking quite good but some scratches here and there will have the painters coming back for minor touch-ups, plus they'll need to arrange the replacement of a couple of scratched windows - all in all, minor stuff.

Some repeat pics (overload coming up) but generally all in a much cleaner state than previous posts, including starry sky ceiling in the theatre room - doesn't come across as well in the photos as in person, oh well.

So starting with the main bedroom and ensuite

Moving right along the front hallway to the lounge(my study that is) and the theatre room with the starry ceiling..

Now to the family room, meals area and kitchen - lotsa kitchen shots :)

Hallway to the laundry, one back bedroom, bathroom and laundry..

Back of the house...

The front with a tiny bit of walnut wood trim above the porch and the huge front yard - at least all the footpath has been cleaned up :)


  1. Congrats, your home looks really lovely. That starry ceiling is fantastic!

  2. Congrats ur house is beautiful.Luv the starry ceiling and the black stone benchtop in kitchen.Fun and Exciting times ahead...btw are they lights or reflectors on the ceiling ? And do you mind sharing the upgrade price u paid for this ?

  3. Congratulations! Special stars for bathrooms and theatre room.

  4. It looks beautiful!! wow!

  5. Lovely!!!
    Theatre ceiling is a ripper. It'd make watching something in there a special event.
    Your colours have all come together really well, and it's so clean (compared to ours!!!).

    DYING to know how handover goes for you guys :)

  6. Thanks heaps all y'all, appreciate the kind words and very happy that things came together well colour-wise.

    We'll post some more pics once the windows are covered in a few weeks time. That was a bit of effort as well, getting a set of blinds/curtains etc agreed upon.

    With any luck we can get the driveway started in the next 2 weeks and a cheque passed along later this week - aaaaarrrghhhh!!!

    I'll keep posting updates as we go thru the final fixups :)

    Ooops, almost forgot to answer A&A, they're just the standard light fittings (which we'll change over to downlights or something as we go along) and the starry ceiling was an additional $3890 - but worth it for keeping the boss happy :)

  7. Final walk-thru this morning while the cleaner was tidying up some minor items around the place (marks on windows, caulking some gaps here and there, getting the major crap off the garage floor) and some discussion with our SS re some odds n ends.

    Will need to give him a heads-up about a week before we move in for the appliances, water heater etc to go in - guess they need to ensure minimum losses with all the rip-off artists running around new estates these days.

    So again, a huge vote of thanks to Jarrod, he's been a top site supervisor and a very good bloke.

    Get the cheque from the bank tomorrow for final payment and get the keys on Wednesday the 13th - with a bit of luck we can have blinds and driveways before the end of the month!!