Montrose "Waterview" facade

Montrose "Waterview" facade

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Nice rack!

May 9th, very nice wine rack in the top of the fridge space that is.

If you're having trouble posting and can't get the Compose tab to open up with text formatting buttons in the posting window, after much futzing around with blog settings, it appears that you need to change settings back to the old editor (under Settings|Basic) - bl**dy Google is getting almost as bad as Micro$lop.

Anyway, not a lot of progress happening, the gyprockers were in on the weekend and finishing the walls and ceilings etc, skirting boards and architraves have been installed.

Pics of the bedroom windows and kitchen benches also included but where in the post is up to this old editor - grrrrrr!!!!


  1. Great kitchen colour!! Love it!

    I was having difficulty yesterday afternoon and this morning with posting but it started working again just before lunch so all good!

  2. Thanks Tonia, should look much better when we have the dark grey glass splashback in place and the "Night Sky" Caesarstone benchtops on - maybe this week or next week if we're lucky :)

    We're also getting a couple of downlights in the bottom of the cupboards on either side of the range hood to add to the bling.

    And yep, looks like Google has fixed up their blog posting issues - from their help pages, the whole world had the problems :)

  3. Looks very neat. This sink has some accessories for cutting. You might be able to buy online.

  4. I love a good post title...ha ha ha.
    Looks like we're back on pace again, but you guys are ahead with your render already done! Loving the kitchen too. Those colours are going to look very sexy :)

  5. Thanks Yam and Reinsey, although it does seem to go in bursts and every house seems to be getting items done in slightly different order to others.

    As I've mentioned before, my personal stylist was very responsible for the colours and I had just had the occasional 2 cents worth to throw in, but very eager to see the combination in the flesh :)

    With any luck I can get some further pic updates in this weekend - will also try to maintain the quality of post titles :) :) :)