Montrose "Waterview" facade

Montrose "Waterview" facade

Monday, 23 May 2011

On the tiles!

May 20th, another burst of activity, painting's pretty much finished by the looks of it, the sparkies are wiring everything up, light fittings and battens are going up, heat lights fitted in the ensuite and bathroom, it's all there!!

Tiles have all been delivered and are waiting for the tilers. Should be a major change of appearance at the end of this coming week.

First, the theatre room in Rainmaker colour...

Next, the bedroom - this is the Mistral 1/4 strength - oops, forgot that the Lexicon was for skirtings etc, that's why it looks more bluey/lavendery than I remember the sample being - we didn't get that sample :)

The entry hallway..

Kitchen bench in Night Sky...

Powder room benchtop in Nougat (same as the ensuite)..

The feature tiles for powder room and bathroom...

Ensuite feature tiles are the grey/blue version of this

And finally, the heat/light/fan for the ensuite and the random piles of tiles just waiting for the tilers to do their voodoo :)


  1. Bring on the tiling!!! :)

  2. It's looking yummmmmmyyyyyyyy!!!
    Beautiful mosaics too. The green is gorgeous. Love the theatre colour and the contrast against the white skirting. Noice...very very noice!!!

  3. Yep, thanx, tilers have been brung on and all fingers are crossed that the colours work in well together at the end, at any rate, it's easy enough to adjust wall colours :) - the tiles are fully loved :) :)