Montrose "Waterview" facade

Montrose "Waterview" facade

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Invoices everywhere!

May 3rd, we're being flooded with invoices - gaaahhh!! But no new photos just yet :)

I guess I should have expected it, but both the lock-up invoice and the fixing invoice came in within days of each other, apparently quite normal considering they do the bricking and the gyprocking at the same time for single-level houses. Just a bit of sticker shock there, but hey it's only money ;)

We're getting the pre-paint plaster sanding etc done this week and should have the bechtops installed by the end of next week - so should be moving right along by the time I put up the next set of pics. However, there may be a delay with painting the render and cleaning of the brickwork due to the wet weather this week.

Really quite impressed with the speed over-all - but really hanging out to get some new photos showing more progress!! :)


  1. Love it!! You guys are flying along.
    What was your render job like? I know Deb hasn't been impressed by hers, even after 3 attempts. This worries me coz our entire facade is rendered!!

  2. Will have a closer look at the render in the next couple of days, although I didn't notice anything to worry about with just the raw render.

    I'll see about posting up some pics again when they paint it so you can see in more detail.

    But we've only had about half the from rendered, half the bedroom and the portico area so probably not much chance for a stuff-up :)