Montrose "Waterview" facade

Montrose "Waterview" facade

Saturday, 23 July 2011

It ain't easy being green :)

July 23rd, at last our drive has been poured, just the widening of the crossover and the cement out back of the car palace to be completed.

The evolution of the drive, things are looking good with the initial prep before formwork arrives
the suspense is just too much to bear as the truck is backed in...
So can I call myself a greenie now? Maybe I should have ordered a less "vibrant" colour?

Ahhh, come on now, it'll be ok once you get used to it, very grass-like really :)

Ahhh, almost forgot that it wasn't really finished yet....

It'samazing what a nice wash with the exposing solution and a power sprayer shower will do....
Just the couple of coats of clear sealer to be applied now - more pics to come :)


  1. congrats Alex. Time passes by so quickly. And now, your new home is all ready. :)

  2. Love it. It's amazing how a driveway takes a house from muddy paddock to a more established look.
    Have you been having fun with your beautiful new house??

  3. For a sec I thought its really green hehe....looks great. Exposed aggregate is nice choice...btw can you share the details of the driveway we are close to getting quotes ;)

  4. Very nice. That green thing gave me a shock!!

  5. Again, thanks folks, good to see the schlock factor is working :)

    Actually, the driveway really is green, but it looked VERY green when poured - exposing the stone and drying calmed it a lot - it was a half-bag of Moss Green in the mix (see CCS website) to try and bring it in with the porch render.

    We used AAA Access Concrete Constructions and Paving, call Peter on 0417010800. Very quick and they know what they're doing - as opposed to the cowboy who told me not to bother getting council approval for the crossover widening.

    Hopefully the weather will be ok for them to finish off the rest today :)

  6. Amazing transformation! I totally agree that exposed aggregate it an excellent choice for driveway.

  7. Yep, it does come up nicely when it's done.

    Actually, the exposed aggregate was a last-minute decision, originally it was going to be just coloured concrete but then we decided to go for the extra expense and have stone and colour together :)

    Had the idea that a few hundred bucks more now would be a much better long-term look and match in with the house more - as opposed to being the same as a lot of other driveways around us.

    Will post more pics when the seal is applied and we can see it in the light :)

  8. Hi Alex,

    quick question. how steep is your driveway?

    my site start will only commence in 2 weeks but i am already thinking about driveway!

    anyway, looking at the site plan, our driveway is going to be 5.5m long and there is going to be a fall of 80cm. i am just wondering if it going to look something like yours. I would be a happy man if it is.

  9. Hi Riverton, our drive is about 5.5m or 6m long as well, but the fall is probably only about 40cm to 50cm at the most.

    Having said that, I wouldn't worry too much as I've had much steeper driveways in the past and this is almost flat for me :)

    Anyway, the other option will be to maybe pay a little more and sink the garage floor slightly lower, just add a step or two from the garage into the house and the drive will be fine.

  10. Mo Hien , mo co facebook khong vay ? Neu co nhan cho con nhe...Phi Long..