Montrose "Waterview" facade

Montrose "Waterview" facade

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

We've been KEYED!!

July 13th, (very appropriate as the house number is also 13)

Wouldja believe it? We just handed over thousands and thousands of dollars and all we got was a heap of lousy keys,some paper and three garage remote controls! :)

Oh yeah, also got a bunch of documents (mainly certificates for plumbing, electrical etc) and a nice little Coles Myer gift card from Carlisle - nice touch Carlisle, not expected but definitely appreciated.

So now we've got about 30 or 40 keys in total ranging from entry to security door to window to garage door - the Xmas tree will look very fancy.

The whole thing was pretty much anti-climactic, as we signed off on 3 items to be corrected (very minor) passed the bucks over and then received the hand-over package before shuffling off.

Must admit though, the build has been generally very relaxed, good choice to go with Carlisle and hope everybody else coming up to this point with them has the same overall happy experience. For this, many thanks have to go to our great site supervisor, Jarrod.

Further updates will appear as things progress and we move in, with luck the driveway will start on Saturday and be finished at the latest the following weekend, by which time our blinds etc shoud be almost ready. Pictures will be updated with each of these ;)


  1. Fantastic news guys. It's all over!!!!!
    Now you can relax and spend the next forever getting it set up the way you want.

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey - I've really enjoyed playing along at home.

    All the best,

  2. Wow this is fantastic!! Congratulations! I think build took about 4.5 months. That is very good!

    Hey keep us updated with future progress :). Good luck!

  3. Thanks Reinsey and Yam, yeah, different headaches take over now ;) and it's been interesting watching your progress as well - been very envious of people with blog skills ;)

    All up from official start date (site cut) of 25th February, it's been 19.5 weeks to handover. Sometimes it drags and sometimes it flies :)

    The least worrisome part is still needing to get the appliances in and all, but that's not gonna happen until we move in :)

    More pics will come!! This is a threat :) :) :)

  4. Lucky 13 indeed! Congrats and enjoy your beautiful house....

  5. Oh congratulations!!

    Glad it all went smoothly and what a great gift to get from carlisle..a coles gift card! Smart thinking! I think Metricon give salt and pepper shakers LOL!

    Looking forward to watching your empty house turn into a home :)

  6. Congrats guys...great to see there were very few fixes needed. Would love to see pics of ur home after all the furnitures goes in :).

    I think Carlisle gives different gifts each time. Wonder what others recd ;)....

  7. Thanks guys, will keep posting :)

    Luckily, we have minimal furniture and there won't be much new coming beyond the dining table and big lounge for the theatre room. Much easier to move :)

    However, the blinds etc are going to be the new fashion items so hopefully will achieve a quality look.