Montrose "Waterview" facade

Montrose "Waterview" facade

Monday, 11 April 2011

Bricks, gyprock and insulation!!

April 11th, wow, that was quick again!

Glad I at least cleaned up the frame and got the wood shavings and mud off and out of the enclosed spaces.

They delivered the bricks and gyprock today and put up a heap of insulation in most of the walls.

Although, I'm a little puzzled why the theatre walls have the regular insulation instead of the sound-proofing type like the rumpus and lounge walls.


  1. Look at that... you guys are beating us again (I think). Love your bricks too.

  2. Thanks Reinsey - I'd like to take credit for the colour selections but the boss actually is the one with the eye for colour :), she's actually very good with that kind of thing and I just add my $0.02 sometimes.

    With today's rain I don't know if we're going to be doing much more than completing the insulation - don't reckon the brickies are going to want to play in the mud much :)

    Will see how it's going tomorrow when I go out to meet the inspector for the pre-plaster inspection as all the frame inspection items should have been attended to.

    It's great dealing with the SS so far also.

  3. Hi AlexandH,

    Your house is being built very fast...and looking great..could you please post if you find that they do a different insulation for sound proofing coz I have upgraded my theatre as well for sound proofing walls...

  4. Hi Romani, thanks and yes, it is a different insulation.

    If you look at the last two photos you'll see the heat batts are the brighter yellow and kinda more fluffy, while the sound insulation looks a bit heavier and thicker and is a more dull "beige" colour.

    The lounge/family wall photo has the sound insulation only partly installed (2 batts) while the external wall (behind) have the heat batts fully installed. The lower pic shows the rumpus internal walls.

    Will post a couple more pics which show it better.

  5. hmm... I thought you have had your sound proofing at your theather, but seems like you have it in your rumpus instead? Did you check with SS why they did that? or is that a mistake?

  6. Yep, I originally thought that the rumpus and lounge came sound-proofed when I saw it up there but they'd just installed in the wrong place.

    However, the SS did us a good turn by allowing the slight delay in setting up the additional sound-proofing in the rumpus, I'm not overly worried about the lounge :)