Montrose "Waterview" facade

Montrose "Waterview" facade

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Some Colour Selections

Not the complete set of colours, but the best I can do (and they look better in real life):              
Colour Selection          External                                                                                                              
Bricks                              Homestead Tan                 u/g                                  Austral                           
                       (backup    Blackwood                          u/g                                  Austral)                        
Mortar                            natural                                                                                                              
Roof tiles                        Elabana - Sambuca                                                                                          
Gutters                            Monument                                                                                                      
Fascia                               Monument                                                                                                      
Downpipes                      Monument                                                                                                      
Flashing                          Dune                                                                                                                 
Garage door                   Dune                                                                                                                 
Timber planking            Rich Walnut                                                                                                      
Windows                        Woodland Grey                                                                                               
Sliding doors                  Woodland Grey                                                                                                

                                                 from the left - Dune, Woodland Grey, Monument                               

Front door                      PMAD04                   Rice paper glazing                   Dune - gloss                   
   door frame                                                                                                    Dune - gloss                   
Render          portico       Green Sea PG1.D5             u/g                                                                        
Render          bedroom    Flooded Gum PG2C3        u/g                                                                     


                                bugger, which one's on the porch and which is on the bedroom front part?            

Colour Selection          Internal                                                                                                               
Ceilings                           Lexicon 1/2 strength PCWF7                                                                           
Doors                              Lexicon 1/2 strength PCWF7                                   gloss                               
Window frames             Lexicon 1/2 strength PCWF7                                   gloss                               
Walls                              Mistral 1/4 strength P40B1Q                                                                           
Home Theatre               Rainmaker P37C7              u/g               (to walls & ceiling)                             

                       forgot to get a sample of the Mistral for the walls - oh well, not much different to the lexicon  

Kitchen bench                Night Sky 6100                   u/g                                                                         
   cabinet doors             Stringybark                                                                                                       
   perspex doors            Lucite Pearlescent Pearl                                                                                   
   glass splashback        Guild Grey                                                                                                         

                          Nougat on the left, Night Sky on the right - but it has more speckles in the "flesh"           

Ensuite bench                Nougat 6600                                                                                                    
   cabinet doors             Fudge Stream                                                                                                   
Bathroom bench           Fudge Stream                                                                                                    
   cabinet doors             Fudge Stream                                                                                                    
Powder rm bench          Nougat 6600                                                                                                     
Laundry benchtop        Ebony Macassar                                                                                                
   cabinet doors             Ebony Macassar                                                                                                

                                          from the left - Stringybark, Fudge Stream, Ebony Macassar                          
Floors & Tiles                                                                                                                                           
Carpet                             790 Warm Shadow   (dark grey)                                                                     
Floor tiles                       48558 Marfil White Gloss 400x400                                                                 
   grout                            Alabaster 282                                                                                                   
Bath etc floor tiles       48589 Savvy Charcoal 400x400                                                                         
   grout                            Magellan Grey 273                                                                                           
Ensuite wall tile             48592 Sequenza White Structured 300x400 vert                                           
   grout                            White 200                                                                                                         
Feature tile                    08043 Mosaic Glass Mirror Grey                                                                     
   grout                            White 200                                                                                                         
Bathroom wall tile       03222 Classic Carrara White 200x400 vert                                                       
   grout                            White 200                                                                                                         
Feature tile                    08038 Mosaic Glass Esmeralda Lime                                                               
   grout                            White 200                                                                                                         
Powder room wall        08038 Mosaic Glass Esmeralda Lime                                                                
Laundry wall tile           03222 Classic Carrara White 200x400 vert                                                      
   grout                            White 200                                                                                                         

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