Montrose "Waterview" facade

Montrose "Waterview" facade

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Rendered, but not quite speechless

April 26th, they've just come in and rendered the bedroom and portico and the plasterers are putting in the finishing touches - nice folks and doing a great job too.

Photo overload coming up ....

Here's the front, not yet painted or cleaned but looking pretty close to the end result
Some much better quality pics of the cabinets, laundry first (had to balance all the white tiles and washer etc :)

Now the bathroom..
Kitchen cupboards and island bench..still need the caesarstone tops to go on...

The ensuite....
Lounge looking into the theatre room with all those hobs and had to throw in the family/meals area in also :)
And finishing off with the tiger snake breeding grounds just one house around the corner from us :) - good for keeping the mice down :) :)


  1. Wow, wow & wow!!!
    You must be completely & totally thrilled with both the progress and the look of your place. Brilliant!
    What colour laminates have you used in the laundry? Looks similar to how ours looks in my mind. Loving your kitchen too :)

  2. Yep, very happy with the way it seems to be steaming ahead - we'll be even happier when all the finishes can be seen together ;), it's all kinda dusty right now.

    The Laundry is Ebony Macassar, kitchen is Stringybark and ensuite and bath is Fudge Stream.

    The perspex cabinets in the kitchen are Lucite Pearlescent Pearl - would have preferred the light blue-ish perspex to offset the dark gray splashback and black counter tops but that wasn't available any more, but no sleep lost there :)

  3. It makes sense to have three sliding doors to alfresco. This is something I might consider. Good decision.

  4. Hi Yam, it's definitely worthwhile, brings in a whole lot of sunlight and fresh air and provides lots of open door options, plus our whole side faces north so it was ideally placed.

    We would have liked to get the corner stacker but the 32 is too small for that, although it did save us lots of money :) and gave us easier curtain placement.

    Only problem will be bbq placement but that doesn't stress us too much ;)

    Better also think about sound insulation, we initially only got it for the theatre room but then when they placed it into the rumpus walls by mistake we figured it was a great idea to reduce laundry noise.

  5. I thought sound insulation for the theatre is standard. I will keep a note on that. Thank you.

    I have to keep one wall blank for outdoor kitchen. (have to cook some of our curries outside :D). But might have to swap the Rumpus window to a sliding door.

    Interesting to see your build!! I might be able to start building in June if the land gets settled next month (Now 12 months delay :().

  6. Good luck with the titling Yam, we had to wait just over 12 months also, and everybody in that release was pretty much settling at the same time.

    As long as you have everything all sorted with the bank and the builder, then you'd be able to start right away, seems quite a few houses were commenced in our release as soon as the titles were released. We were a bit slower off the mark :)

  7. Wow, the progress has been absolutely fantastic... looking great alex&h... haha, we picked the same sinks as you guys.. love that big rounded basins.. but during colour selection, the consultant told us that we can only pick 1 type of sink, as in, if we use 2 types of sink, there will be an additional charges.. is that for your case too?

  8. Hi Cuppycake, we didn't even consider having different sinks between bath and ensuite and powder, that round design was pretty much our favourite.

    As for the insulation in the theatre and rumpus walls, I think from memory it was about $250 to $300 for each room, so definitely worth the price. All up less than $600.

    Good luck with your selections and all and make sure you also get enough power points (including outside).

  9. Oh looks great! Just started following your blog guys. The progress is amazing...I think we are at the same stage as you guys..but we don't have our sinks yet..

    Good luck with it all..Love your facade btw!


  10. Thanks Tonia, yeah, we're pretty happy but it does seem to go in bursts of activity.

    Seems everybody has a slightly different schedule once the frame goes up and roof tiles and wrapping get installed.

    We actually chose the facade based on cost vs appearance - least $ for something a little fancier :)

    Hope the build goes smoothly for you guys.